Combined  Disabilities  Association

..Advancing the Rights of People With Disabilities through Advocacy!

Education & Training

There are over 163,200 Jamaicans who are disabled.  95% of whom lives on less than $1.00 USD a day!

In Jamaica if You are one of the 95%- disability means being unable to  have an education even when you are mentally capable and willing to. For the disabled a life without an education means a life sentence of poverty, hopelessness and despair. No  one  should have to live like that! At The CDA we are doing something about it!

We Need Your Support

The Combined Disabilities Association is a registered non-profit organization in Jamaica, West Indies. For over 36 years we have advocated for; implemented and developed programs and services for persons with disabilities.

 We have an ambitious yet doable goal.

 Over the next year we are educating & training 30 disabled adult students to become employable!

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